Technical Talk on “Space Robotics – Vyommitra and beyond.. ” by Sri. Joji J Chaman, Deputy Director, IISU (SIS), ISRO on 03-12-2022
Annual general Body Meeting held on 03-12-2022
Webinar on "Compliant Mechanisms: Introduction, their Intrinsic Complexity and Benefits, and Some Exciting Applications"

by Dr. Ashok Midha ( Professor and Director Product Innovation and Creativity Center (PICC)
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO on 25-06-2022

Annual general Body Meeting held on 27-11-2021
Talk by - Air Commodore Anupam Agarwal, VSM Commandant, Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bengaluru on "Changes in Humans during Spaceflight" - 14-12-2019
Family Day and AGM 2019 – 10-08-19
Talk by - Shri. SooryaKrishnamoorthy on "Art and Engineering” the renowned cultural activist of India - 11-02-2018
Talk by - Dr. D Sam Dayala Dev on "Long Life Mechanisms" - 10-12-2016
Talk by Sri. N Viswanatha, ISAC on "Satellite Deployment Mechanisms" - 17-07-2015
INSARM - Family Get Together and colloquium in VSSC, Trivandrum - 14-12-2013